Sore suhu semuanya….

Sore suhu semuanya.
Ijin bertanya terkait issues yang saya alami.
Barangkali ada kasus yang sama seperti saya yaitu muncul issues ginian di Search Consolenya.
Minta saran untuk membenahinya hu, maaf saya awam soalnya.

Mungkin gambar teks yang menyatakan 'URL Inspection TEST LIVE URL URL is on Google, but has issues It can appear in Google Search results not subject o manual action or remova request) However, some issues prevent from being eligible for all enhancements. Learn_more VIEW CRAWLED PAGE Page changed? REQUEST INDEXING'Mungkin gambar teks yang menyatakan 'Enhancements Mobile Usability Page is mobile friendly AMP AMP page is valid with warnings Breadcrumbs > 1 valid item detected > >'Mungkin gambar teks yang menyatakan 'URL Inspection AMP AMP page is valid with warnings Itis eligible for some AMP- specific features Google Search results, buti not fully compliant with AMP best practices. Learn_more TEST LIVE URL VIEW CRAWLED PAGE'


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